We produce four major products at the factory located on our farm: Yogourt, Kefir, Low Fat Kefir, and Sour Cream. These are sold at health food stores around Ontario. We also sell them at our store right here on the farm. In addition to these, we also sometimes carry other health products from some of our neighbours.

Our products:

Pinehedge Farms Yogourt has a taste and texture you won't find in any other commercially available yogourt. Unlike other brands, it doesn't contain powdered milk solids, artificial flavouring, sweeteners, pectin, or any other additive. Pinehedge Farms Yogourt is made with active bacterial cultures and milk in its purest form - organic whole milk. And that's it.
Kefir, known as the "champagne of milk products", is a fermented milk which originated in the Caucasian mountains of Russia. It has long been respected for its health benefits and contributions to longevity. Our kefir is made only from pure cultures and non-homogenized organic milk. Whether you rediscover the taste of Kefir or try it for the first time, you'll love Pinehedge Farms Kefir.
For those who are concerned with milk fat, we also offer a low fat alternative to our popular Kefir brand.
Pinehedge Farms Sour Cream is made the old fashioned way. First the cream is separated from the milk. Then it is pasteurized (but not homogenized), and the culture is added.

Other Products:

Flax oil is very high in Omega-3,the same essential fatty acid also found in cod liver oil. This product is produced on a farm owned by the Clatworthy family in Glen Andrew, just across the valley. We carry it regularly in our store on the farm.

Pinehedge Farms Dairy Products:
The difference is in the taste, and the taste is organic.

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